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Walter E Dyett High School

An 11-month renovation project transformed the once-closed school into an open-enrollment, arts-focused neighborhood high school with 25% of the building set-aside for community activities. General building interior renovations in both the main and athletic buildings along with some mechanical electrical and plumbing improvements brought the modern steel and glass structure back to life. New interior finishes and equipment for a Gallery, Theater Tech Room, Digital Arts Room, Black Box Theater, and Textile/Fashion Space created 21st-century learning space. The renovated facility now meets CPS accessibility standards for toilet rooms, with elevator upgrades and the addition of a Limited-Use Limited-Access elevator.

The community successfully lobbied for the art school to open within a year of the initial project approval, making a challenging design and construction schedule. Uncovered conditions in the existing building could have derailed the schedule. With quick on-site design solutions by a strong collaborative team of client, design, and contractor members the school was ready for day one of the 2016-2017 School Year.