Collins High School

Chicago, IL

Collins High School, built in 1974, consists of three buildings bridged by interior corridors: The Academic Building, The Fine Arts & Technology Building and the Physical Education Building. The Public Building Commission of Chicago awarded Brook Architecture a task order to design and manage an estimated $4.5 million renovation of the three buildings. Brook coordinated a team of seven consultants to assess and document existing conditions then incorporated the team findings into a detailed design concept narrative.

The final renovation program included the conversion of a 5,000 s.f. no-longer-used auto shop into a Media Center. Since it was an unconventional space, it required site visits with the Principal in order to understand what he wanted in the converted space. The final design also had to follow CPS guidelines for Media Centers.

The Art & Technology building renovation called for major electrical and mechanical upgrades and lighting, sound and acoustical improvements in the Auditorium. Traditional classrooms, art and computer classrooms were re-purposed. The pool systems In the Phys. Ed. Building were overhauled and elevated pool deck concrete repairs were completed to alleviate leaking and water damage. The security system throughout the school was updated.

Brook Architecture documented the design utilizing the 3-D modeling features and collaborative benefits of BIM software.