Great Lakes Naval Station – Steam Decentralization

Shields, IL

A large professional services (Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Controls, Fire Protection, Energy, and Cost Estimators) design team of which Brook Architecture was a member, was commissioned to investigate and make recommendations (via narrative and drawing reports) for converting 120 buildings currently dependent on main plant steam to independent natural gas service. Brook Architecture was responsible 16 of the 120 buildings. Brook coordinated its investigations and recommendations of life safety, accessibility, traffic flows, and room adjacency in relation to the affected mechanical rooms of each building analyzed with the various design offices involved. Through a dynamic and evolving coordination effort, the design teams developed and submitted to the Navy, design recommendations and supporting data for converting the designated buildings from steam to standalone heating and domestic hot water systems. Brook’s findings and recommendations varied from adaptive reuse of existing mechanical space, acquiring additional space in the building, or proposing new room additions.