Trinity United Church of Christ – LEED Renovation

Trinity United Church of Christ embraces the theology of liberation and environmental stewardship. Their 20-year old building needed infrastructure upgrades including a new roof. The Pastor envisioned replacing the roof with a Green roof that would filter rain and provide an extended life to the new roof. The Church congregation raised $5 million dollars to replace the roof, modernize the worship center, and upgrade the infrastructure, improvements that will reduce energy usage by 25%.

Brook Architecture’s first task was defining the scope of work based upon the congregation’s goals and budget. Brook led a sustainability charrette with the church committee and Brook’s technical consultants. The group considered all of the sustainable upgrade options, decided on three scenarios and presented them to the church at large. The congregation, which initially was only seeking LEED Certification to build awareness around stewardship of the congregation’s environment, selected a scenario which will give the building a LEED Silver rating.

Brook was asked to weave the churches mission – Christ, Culture and Community – and its colors –Red, Black and Green – into the project. In the new design for the multipurpose room, the columns (symbolize the structure) that hold up the church project the key mission terms while the floor (symbolizing water) radiate key statements from the churches mission statement and African Adinkra symbols in tones of red, black and green.
The final scope of work includes rain gardens, an outdoor patio, LED light fixture replacement, installation of motion sensors, new energy efficient mechanical units, low VOC materials, bathroom finish upgrades, low- flow plumbing fixtures, acoustical upgrades and a green roof system that can grow fruits and vegetables for the congregation and community.